Camp Navarro- Juniper Ridge

Long overdue- These images are from a quick little weekend trip I went on back in winter to Camp Navarro for a Juniper Ridge Retreat. Camp Navarro is located in Northern California in the mountains. You may have heart me mention Juniper Ridge before in my posts about Desert and Denim. Juniper Ridge makes wilderness perfume and are based in the Bay Area. This weekend in Camp Navarro was a retreat that they had organized to show folks their process for making their Winter Redwood scent. I was a freeloader and got to tag along free of charge because my husband performed music one of the evenings and a lot of my friends either styled or helped cook for the weekend. We spent the weekend walking around smelling pine trees and soil and finding wild herbs on hikes and talking about all the wonderful smells. A friend of mine had become consumed with collecting mushrooms and attempting to identify them. Don't worry we didn't eat any ;) 

Below in the images you will see Juniper Ridge's "Field Lab" van. They set up their mobile distillery to make redwood essential oils from all the redwood branches we had collected.