Ashley + Cooper • Montana Wedding

We followed typed directions up a dirt road from Helena to the Black Mountain Lodge, where the bridal party had been staying for a couple of days before the wedding.  Far from cell service and surrounded by National Forest stand a group of cabins that belong to the Hannon Family, distant cousins of Cooper’s family.  The late Northern light danced on the lilting grass and wildflowers around the cabins.

It felt like stepping back in time. The whole wedding felt like stepping back in time.  Or back into the Western imagination.  In a cattle pasture outside of Helena, we witnessed a beautiful melding of cultures and families~ the groom- basically cowboy royalty, the bride a California artist.  From the “Buddhish” ceremony under a chuppah and the signing of the ketubah to the anvil firing (look it up, it’s crazy), to a performance by a pop star, to dancing the hora on hay bales, we’ve never seen anything so beautiful and so deeply American.

Cooper and Ashley are at the nexus of two incredible families and surrounded by the most amazing group of talented friends, some are Artists and some are Ranchers and all came together for this incredible event.  Talk about a Western style wedding? This was Authentic with a capital “A”.  From bolo ties to apple pies, this was about as Montana of a Wedding you could get and everything felt so incredibly honest.  They even had an assortment of bug spray- from organic to deet.

We could tell you more about how much we love Montana (and we do), but I don’t think we’ll ever get as close to the roots of it as we did with participating in this wedding.  Hope you enjoy the photos!

Planning : Off the Beaten Path

Florals : Delisa Hiel

Hair and Makeup : Celeste- Beauty Operator

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