Kate & Alex • Day

When it comes to engagement shoots, home sessions are my favorite.  While we're often attracted to beautiful places for engagement sessions, it's not quite as intimate as the couple's home.  I love these shoots because they are a bookmark in the couple's lifetime- the house where they lived before their marriage.  Alex and Kate have since moved and bought their first house since we took these photos, but they'll always have these images to look back at and remember the really special place they shared at this time.  It's the small moments, making coffee, sitting on the couch or porch with the dog that I really love capturing because one day they can look back at this stage and remember how simple love can be.

But... I also love dreamy nature shots and Kate and Alex wanted them too, so we headed to the Sacramento River and made these stunning shots in the river.  It definitely helps when your couple is down for anything.

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