Outdoor Bath

As much as we love our little house, we love being outside. So why would we not want to take baths outside under our walnut trees?

Between my day job and all of the maintenance that goes into maintaining an 1940’s orchard cottage I really wanted a place to relax and really appreciate our property and life outside of the city: cue our little country spa. Spiced up with small luxuries like a Jacuzzi tub, this is a retreat just steps away from our kitchen.

Sometimes it’s used to clean off after a long day of yard work, sometimes a romantic evening with wine under the stars (the tub fits two)! Sometimes it’s where Rooster gets a bath, but it’s always a lovely backdrop in the yard that I gives me a great sense of pride and accomplishment.


The outdoor tub didn’t always look as it does now. We had a few iterations until we were able to obtain all the right elements. We originally had an old claw foot tub that we found on craigslist and the platform didnn’t have walls for a while. Below are some of those early images.