Post Wedding TLC

Post Wedding talk. It’s easy to rush home after a Saturday wedding, start processing images and finding other tasks needing to be done before the weekend is over. Maverick and I both have a hard time slowing down. If we aren’t working then we’re building something for our yard, gardening or cleaning (stuff we enjoy but is nonetheless physical and exhausting). Whenever we do find the time to go on a motorcycle ride, hike with the dog, or our version of “chill”, it’s a conscious choice that we have to remind ourselves we need to create the time for.

Last weekend we photographed a wedding in Tamales Bay on a Saturday. We miss the bay and absolutely adore the North Bay so we decided instead of working a full wedding and then driving 3 hours home we’d instead find an awesome airbnb (one of my favorite hobbies) and spend the whole next treating ourselves to some TLC. We call these days “lovely lady days” which is a really cheesy inside joke from the day Maverick proposed to me. But it nonetheless still feels descriptive. We had a lovely lady day. We spent a slow morning drinking coffee in this absolutely stunning 70’s dream house in Point Reyes Station, then we went out to breakfast and walked around town. Then we drove North on HWY 1 and ate raw oysters at The Marshall Store, a great tip from the florist of the wedding we photographed the day before, after striking out at Hog Island (1.5 hour wait? No way). After that we got tacos at the incredible El Molino Central in Sonoma and then headed home. It was a LOVELY damn weekend. The wedding we photographed was incredible, such great folks, amazing blend of traditions and cultures then a nice day doing nothing but eating and exploring.

I really do feel lucky that my job allows me to travel and be on the move and to see new and beautiful places all the time. I’m just trying to learn to slow down and enjoy them more.