Table Mountain Springtime Wildflower Family Hike

Table Mountain Springtime Wildflower Family Hike

Table Mountain is a very popular Northern California hotspot in the Springtime. The flat mountain top comes alive with Lupin, Poppies, Glueseed, Red maids, and so many more wonderful native wildflowers. Most locals try and make a point to catch the blooms this time of year because it is such a local gem. A few weeks ago Maverick and I spent the afternoon hiking around with family. Glad to have caught this flowers in their short time to shine. 

Smith Family


My lovely sister, my first ever muse. I'm sure if you're familiar with my work then you've seen your fair share of Diana photos. She was my first muse and is still my favorite muse. I also feel extremely fortunate to be able to document her journey into motherhood. I spent a week with her prior to her labor, you can see our maternity shoot here. (warning, not your typical maternity shoot) I was with her and her husband in the delivery room, which was the most beautiful and crazy thing I've ever witnessed. I took some photos you can view here.  And I get to see her several times a year to document her and her family's growth. It's' pretty darn special. I always joke with her that she is super spoiled and gets portrait sessions whenever she wants, but I also do enjoy and learn from them as well. 

I do think this session, in particular, is a great example of my working style. I, as a photographer, try to balance between extremely intentional, classic and formal portraits with candids. As you can see in the first image, I feel like this image out of all of them describes my photographic style the best. It's formal and posed and gives space for the subject to bring their selves into the image. I like to set parameters of what I envision and then let the subject do the rest. Then there are a few more family shots that are more posed mixed in with me just observing and waiting for those little moments to capture. 

I hope you enjoy this session.