Table Mountain Springtime Wildflower Family Hike

Table Mountain Springtime Wildflower Family Hike

Table Mountain is a very popular Northern California hotspot in the Springtime. The flat mountain top comes alive with Lupin, Poppies, Glueseed, Red maids, and so many more wonderful native wildflowers. Most locals try and make a point to catch the blooms this time of year because it is such a local gem. A few weeks ago Maverick and I spent the afternoon hiking around with family. Glad to have caught this flowers in their short time to shine. 

Ally + Andy • Mitchell Meadows

Ally + Andy • Mitchell Meadows

Ally + Andy’s Crystal Meadow Wedding

When you have a bride and groom that are blooming with creativity and style and a love for the natural world you might get an event as unforgettable as Ally and Andy’s Wedding.  At the end of the Summer Season and fresh from Burning Man, this special couple put together their wedding with a touch of DIY, New Age Magic with a Sierra Nevada backdrop.

With a traditional schedule for the day, no detail went untouched by the bride and groom’s personal style.  From the groom’s skater vibes (Vans slip ons and Levis) to gorgeous crystal and geode centerpieces, a hand crafted backdrop, Ally’s PS Kaufman boots and a smashing amount of turquoise jewelry, this wedding was dripping personal style.  Even the boutonnieres had crystals and palo santo!

After a tearful ceremony against an incredible natural backdrop, the cocktail hour featured tasty hors d’oevres like savory donuts and tasty cocktails and the bridal party headed to a sunkist meadow for golden hour shots.  The late summer light in the Sierra faded quickly but lasted long enough to get some priceless shots of Ally and Andy in their post marital bliss with their dog Rufio! Ally’s gorgeous dress by BHLDN was contrasted by the sandy meadow grass and Andy’s tan, all of which made that Turquoise jewelry Pop!

After dinner was served, the couple was celebrated under the Milky Way to the loving toasts of family and friends and danced the night away under the Sierra stars.

Mia & Eric • Dawn Ranch, Guerneville

Mia & Eric • Dawn Ranch, Guerneville

Mia and Eric got married at Dawn Ranch in Gueneville, California. This summer wedding was perfection. Mia and Eric put so much care and consideration into every detail of their day and that really showed. 

Jacqueline & Josh's Wedding

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Jacqueline and I met while we were both receiving our MFA's at Mills College in Oakland. I immediately knew that Jacqueline was a very special person and we quickly became friends. Three years later Jacqueline asked me to photograph her wedding and I couldn't have been more honoured. Jacqueline and her husband, Josh, are genuine, beautiful, artistic and thoughtful people and their wedding reflected all of that. Their friends and family also brought such an incredible mood to the entire evening. It was the most personal and thoughtful wedding I've ever been a part of. 
Josh is a videographer and Jacqueline is a visual artist and they couldn't complement each other better. They are both so caring, adventurous and talented. The most memorable part of their wedding day for me was their vows to one another. I wouldn't do them justice is I tried to describe them but I've never heard vows like them. They felt like a performance art but also felt like they were speaking straight from their hearts. 
Their venue was gorgeous but literally in the middle of nowhere. It was up a dirt road just like all the best locations in Joshua Tree are. It was truely a magical evening.

Jordan & Lauren Welcome Dinner


Jordan and Lauren hosted a welcoming party in stunning St. Helena at the Harvest Inn. It was an incredibly beautiful evening before their big wedding day. I was able to shoot in one of my favorite styles, documentary- or as I like to call it fly on the wall. I basically lurked around capturing sweet moments of the evening. St. Helena is truly a magical place and the venue couldn't have been more stunning. The welcoming dinner was about 2 weeks after the devastating Northern California wildfires and it was a relief to see that there were some places that had remained untouched.