yosemite national park

autumn motorcycles in Yosemite

These images are a tad on the old side. They are from Autumn 2016 when a group of friends and I rode our motorcycles to Bandit Town to see Bill Callahan play a super small show. Bandit Town is this wonderful and weird venue in the middle (literally in the middle) of California. I believe it used to be a western movie set and then these rad ladies bought it and turned it into a venue. This was not my first time going to an event at Bandit Town, I had gone to a big music event for Halloween the year before. 
So this year we rode our bikes out and camped on this great big field and listened to the incredible Bill Callahan, woke up feeling inspired we decided to take the long route home through Yosemite in the middle of Autumn. Bucket list CHECK. Yosemite is so magical anytime of year but riding through, catching the burning red leaves as they slowly drifted through the air was unreal. I only brought my 35mm film camera and took a handful of snaps. Here they are.