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Road trip photos in beautiful Oregon on our way to a wedding.

Road Trip To Bend, Oregon

Can’t complain when my job “makes” me go to Stinson Beach to hang out with a friend and her amazing family. I first met Jacqueline in the MFA program at Mills College. I have no words to fully describe my love for this cosmic creature. The occasion was her fathers birthday and her whole family spent the weekend in a beach house to eat, and hang out. It was a beautiful day so I decided to ride there on my motorcycle over Mt. Tam and it was the right decision. I lived in San Francisco/ Oakland for 8 years and never once tired of the North Bay, it is always a treat and privilege to spend time along the coast. California is special.

Norheim Family

Nothing like camping with all your best friends in beautiful places. And then on top of that finding the ultimate place to eat. Burgee Dave’s at the Mayo, picnic lawn, bloody mary’s, elotes and golden hour.

Golden Hour at Burgee Dave’s at the Mayo