Mollie & Michael


We are so glad that we chose Dani and Sara as our wedding photographers! They fit so effortlessly into the day and party. They were non-stop, getting so many shots, but without being intrusive. They put us, our family and friends at ease. While planning from abroad, their e-mail communication was professional, warm, and thorough, and they made an effort to make an in-person meeting with us, before the wedding. The shots are exactly what we wanted… candid, natural, warm (both in feeling and editing) and colourful. They provided over 600 beautifully edited images, in a very timely manner (with a couple sweet sneaks before then). Our family and friends have been gushing over the images, and those who couldn’t be there have been transported to the day via their incredible work. I certainly get emotional looking at their images of the day. If I were to go back in time, I would most definitely hire them all over again (and many guests have agreed, based on Sara and Dani’s positive energy at the wedding, and beautiful final products). My only regret is that we did not hire them for the entirety of our night… I thought the sweaty dance party shots wouldn’t be worth it… but based on the shots we got… I definitely should have opted for full coverage. Thank you, we will cherish your work for our lifetime 🙂 


Mollie & Michael



Kristina & Mario

(Letter from bride, used with permission)

Sara and Dani,

I hardly know what to say. I started crying at the first image of my niece, Sawyer, peeking through the window. 

The images are incredible and I am completley obsessed. I can barely believe they are mine. You both are beyond talented. The way you’ve told the story of our wedding day is more than I dreamed for. Your style and composition of each image is beautiful. The candid captures are just ridiculous (in the best way). The eye you have for capturing real moments is something that I aspire to as a photographer myself. I am inspired, grateful, THANKFUL, ecstatic and in awe. Maybe I sound dramatic, but it’s 100% true. 

When I sought out wedding photography, I knew I wanted images similar to what my parents wedding photos looked like. Upon discovering Scout and Sea simply through a previous roaring camp wedding instagram photo, I knew your style was what I was looking for. I feel like I got EXACTLY what I was hoping for and more. 

These photos will be passed down to my children someday and I know they will be cherished the same way that I cherish my parents wedding photos. I can’t wait to make prints and albums to share with family and friends for decades to come. 

I am planning to have my sisters, aunt and girlfriend over this weekend to go through them together again and order prints! I feel so proud that I get to share these with them.

Thank you, 1 million times, thank you both so much <3

ps. I forgot to mention that working with you on the actual day was also just a total dream. You were so flexible and attentive to me while simultaneously remaining in the background so that I never had to worry. So many people mentioned how great you were and how kind and fun you were. It was as if you were guests and that felt so good. I remember looking over and spying you both dancing at one point and I was beyond thrilled to see you enjoying yourselves. I so hope you did. I know it was awful weather and I can only imagine how crummy the drive was both ways. You are troopers and really rolled with everything thrown at you on the day of. I am so appreciative.

Let me know if I can do anything additional for you gals. Once I get together with my pack this weekend, I plan to start plastering images all over instagram, facebook, pinterest, what have you and will be sure you are credited by myself and anyone else who posts the images. Please let me know if there is a space I can post this message or a review for you somewhere that may be helpful to you. I think you are so incredibly talented and more people should know who you are!

Thank you!

With love, 


Kristina Zigliotto


Laura & David Mohr

We can’t thank Scout and Sea Photography enough for taking such beautiful photos of our wedding day. Not only did the pictures turn out great, but Dani and Sara’s warm personalities blended in perfectly with our intimate courthouse ceremony. They arrived early to scout locations around San Francisco City Hall, so by the time we got there they already had a plan. We were initially a little nervous in front of the camera but their friendliness and professionalism put us at ease. Throughout the day they were great about working with the moment and making suggestions on the fly. Courthouse weddings involve a little waiting, so Dani and Sara used that time to take candid photos and at times even hung back to allow us to enjoy quiet moments with just the two of us. They have great intuition and are able to work creatively within varying settings and situations. 


After our ceremony, we knew we wanted to take some photos outside but did not have an exact location picked out. Dani and Sara suggested we go to Golden Gate Park and we were thrilled with the results. We appreciated that they were happy to go along with the spontaneous nature of the day. They are able to use their technical and creative experience with photography to find the best natural lighting and locations to use. We were very impressed with their professionalism and their commitment to giving us the best possible photos. The amount of time and care they put into selecting and editing the final images was amazing. It has been so much fun looking back on all the great moments they captured and sharing the beautiful photos with our friends and family.

-Laura and David Mohr


Liz Lazan & Ivan Mora

The pictures say it all. Ivan and I were looking at photographers who were not just technically great but had a beautiful aesthetic and style. You can see the finesse and love Scout and Sea brought to our very special day through their images. This duo are also very easy and accommodating to work with. From shooting in foggy conditions at one point when we were right by the ocean, to capturing impromptu moments and building on our own crazy ideas, they made us feel at ease every time and were there to cover the random moments that we still smile about. 

Amazing photographers in their own right, the quality was not only important to us personally, but Scout and Sea shot us at that professional level needed to go into print for magazines –  our wedding was featured in a couple publications! 

Thank you Dani and Sara for working wonderfully with us on such a special day. 


– Elizabeth Lazan and Ivan Mora 


Diana & Miles Smith

I can’t recommend Scout & Sea enough! Start to finish, Dani and Sara were there to answer all of our questions, plan with us and most of all reassure us that we had chosen the right photographers to capture our special day. They went above and beyond by even visiting the location at the correct time of day to make sure they were prepared for the lighting, angles and details for the day of. They did such a good job at being sweet, yet direct with our wedding party. I was worried that with all the personalities and the fun of the day things could get out of hand and drag on longer than we wanted, but each time we all started drifting, one of the team would pull us all back in and refocus us so we could nail the shot and move on. My husband and I really wanted to capture the day, but our main goal was to enjoy the day. Dani and Sara understood this and really helped make it possible. We have so many AMAZING photos, and they were able to make it happen in the time frame we allotted. Before we knew it we were in the Barn partying with our guest (which is all we wanted to do!!) 

I get nervous when cameras are out, I know I have a tendency to tighten up and look very stiff, our photographers picked up on this and were so sweet, reminding me to relax. I AM SO HAPPY they were in tune with my body language, had they not been I would have ended up with many images of me looking stressed and stiff. That to me was just another moment where I was so thankful that I had picked the right photographers for us. 

I would choose Dani and Sara all over again if I had the opportunity. I can’t thank them enough for bringing our wedding to life through the photos they took. Your wedding day memories will stay with you regardless, its truly a magical day, but to have those memories in photos is so special. Its a way to share the memories you lived forever. Thank you Scout & Sea for doing that for us <3 

-Diana & Miles Smith