About Us

Dani Padgett Weddings, formally Scout and Sea Photography, is the brainchild of two artists: Dani Padgett and Sara Kerr. We met at Mills College in an MFA program in studio art. We realized quickly that we had a lot in common. We both love photography in all of its forms: film, digital, and experimental. We love adventures and the outdoors and we love documenting stories. It wasn’t long before we knew we needed to pool our creative talents and voilà … Scout and Sea Photography was born. 

Our aim with Scout and Sea is to make photographs that tell the story of your wedding in a creative and sincere way. We don’t follow a formula. We respond to what we see. We are looking for honest moments: nerves, tears, smiles, crazy dance moves and quiet exchanges of friendship and love. Our aim is to collaborate with you, to make you feel comfortable, and to set about documenting your wedding. We want to give you real photographs of the people that you love, photographs that you can keep forever.     

We are based in the San Francisco bay area but we are both avid travelers. We’re always ready for an adventure.