About me’s. These are always kind of so cheesy and I’m sure mine will be no different but here it goes.

I got my first camera when I was about 13. It was my dads pentax, the same 35mm I use today. I sent in my first roll of film to be developed, and from that moment on I’ve been a goner. I’ve been shooting photographs ever since. My sister, my first muse, my forever muse. Seriously, I take so many damn pictures of her still to this day she should have her own website devoted to her haha.

Fast forward 5 years, I moved to San Francisco to study photography at SFSU. I shot exclusively film. I was stubborn and in love with film completely. I moved to Italy for a year and only brought a 35mm and a medium format film camera.

Flash forward a few more years I started grad school at Mills College and studied studio art, finally sucked it up and learned to love digital, and started carving spoons and fell in love with wood.

I honestly just fell into wedding photography. A few classmates asked me to photograph their weddings and I realized I loved it. My classmate and dear friend Sara Kerr and I began photographing under Scout & Sea Photography for a few years. Since then I moved up North to 15 acres of land and Sara is kicking butt teaching art and going to residencies around the world.

I could tell you a lot of opinions about weddings and how special ceremonies are. I love the adrenaline of the day, the amazing outpour of emotions and how it’s an event in which people can freely express how much they appreciate people. It’s not too often in life that we get these moments of gratitude and love and I like documenting them.

I don’t just photograph weddings, I photograph a ton of other things, but no two weddings are the same and every couple brings a whole new story and I thrive off of that.

I now photograph weddings with my husband, Maverick. Which is pretty amazing to be able to work together and is such a good balance. While I’m hanging out with the ladies, Maverick chills with the guys. He is extremely supportive and has such a great eye for tiny, sweet gestures.

There’s a bit about me and how I came to photographing weddings.