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Jacqueline & Josh’s Wedding

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Jacqueline and I met while we were both receiving our MFA’s at Mills College in Oakland. I immediately knew that Jacqueline was a very special person and we quickly became friends. Three years later Jacqueline asked me to photograph her wedding and I couldn’t have been more honoured. Jacqueline and her husband, Josh, are genuine, beautiful, artistic and thoughtful people and their wedding reflected all of that. Their friends and family also brought such an incredible mood to the entire evening. It was the most personal and thoughtful wedding I’ve ever been a part of. 
Josh is a videographer and Jacqueline is a visual artist and they couldn’t complement each other better. They are both so caring, adventurous and talented. The most memorable part of their wedding day for me was their vows to one another. I wouldn’t do them justice is I tried to describe them but I’ve never heard vows like them. They felt like a performance art but also felt like they were speaking straight from their hearts. 
Their venue was gorgeous but literally in the middle of nowhere. It was up a dirt road just like all the best locations in Joshua Tree are. It was truely a magical evening.





Jacqueline & Josh’s Wedding

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