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Late Autumn Family Session

Late Fall in Bidwell Park – Northern California Family Photoshoot

Family photo shoots in Bidwell Park are beautiful year-round, but late Fall truly is a certain kind of magic. The light filters through the trees long and low, and the entire park quivers on the verge of transition. 

Somewhere beneath the tangled web of the oak canopy, I met the Woolley family on one of those quintessential Chico afternoons. Well worth the wait, it was a perfect free-spirited outdoor family photo session– genuine, beautiful, and wild. 

Emily and I had been attempting to coordinate and schedule this shoot for months and we couldn’t have painted a better day in Lower Bidwell Park. Both the kids and the dogs got messy investigating all the woodland floor had to offer. The dogs ran circles around us, tongues out and tails wagging. And with muddy knees and sticks in tow, their beautiful babies stole the show. 

I’m lucky to live and work in Northern California, where there are countless outdoor photography shoot locations and incredible backdrops at every turn. But each year as the weather starts to cool and the leaves begin to curl, I’m awestruck by the beauty Bidwell Park provides right here in our own backyard. 





Late Autumn Family Session

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