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Stunning autumn wedding for Andrew and Jordan at Tivoli in San Diego County.

Jordan and Andrew Blog

This intimate wedding was more than a celebration of their union, but a beautiful laid-back family gathering after a long two years of Covid isolation.

Intimate Estate Wedding Gathering

Simple and spontaneous California couple home session. These two had to cancel their destination Mexico Wedding due to Covid-19. But they didn’t let that stop them from celebrating their original wedding date. To commemorate the day they decided to do a simple and intimate home session. They showed me their rehearsed first dance and ended […]

Simple and Spontaneous California Home Session

  Jacqueline and I met while we were both receiving our MFA’s at Mills College in Oakland. I immediately knew that Jacqueline was a very special person and we quickly became friends. Three years later Jacqueline asked me to photograph her wedding and I couldn’t have been more honoured. Jacqueline and her husband, Josh, are genuine, […]

Jacqueline & Josh’s Wedding

Jordan and Lauren hosted a welcoming party in stunning St. Helena at the Harvest Inn. It was an incredibly beautiful evening before their big wedding day. I was able to shoot in one of my favorite styles, documentary- or as I like to call it fly on the wall. I basically lurked around capturing sweet […]

Jordan & Lauren Welcome Dinner

Sig and Sasha had a very intimate wedding ceremony at the gorgeous San Francisco City Hall. It was such a pleasure to photograph this sweet and simple celebration. Sig and Sasha are both so sweet, so silly and damn smart folks. I’ve known Sasha for years and couldn’t be happier for her. 

Sig & Sasha Wedding at City Hall

Steep Ravine Cabins

Steep Ravine is located on Mt. Tamalpais, just to the north of the city. It’s group of wooden structures that date back to the 1940s. They are insanely popular and rightfully so. Each cabin features a wood stove, picnic table and several benches, sleeping platforms, and of course, an outdoor barbecue. The best attribute is that they all feature expansive ocean views, as they are perched high up on the side of a cliff. 
I was lucky enough to spend a night there with some friends this past week in honor of my friends birthday (she had to book it 6 months prior!) We couldn’t have lucked out more on the gorgeous weather. We spent the day hiking and whale watching from the cliffs (Gray whales are passing through Point Reyes on their migration north so we saw a ton of them!) We then spent our evening drinking wine, whiskey, playing cards and telling stories. It was an incredible trip. I am constantly pushing myself to take small trips even for a day to see and experience all the glory of California. Three hours in any direction can usually get you to a pretty phenomenal spot.

If you’re looking for a weekend on the coast I definitely recommend checking out this spot, in addition to the cabins, there are also a handful of tent camping spots. 

Steep Ravine

Road trip photos in beautiful Oregon on our way to a wedding.

Road Trip To Bend, Oregon

Can’t complain when my job “makes” me go to Stinson Beach to hang out with a friend and her amazing family. I first met Jacqueline in the MFA program at Mills College. I have no words to fully describe my love for this cosmic creature. The occasion was her fathers birthday and her whole family spent the weekend in a beach house to eat, and hang out. It was a beautiful day so I decided to ride there on my motorcycle over Mt. Tam and it was the right decision. I lived in San Francisco/ Oakland for 8 years and never once tired of the North Bay, it is always a treat and privilege to spend time along the coast. California is special.

Norheim Family