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Land & Luck – Branding Session and Why you Should Book Yours today.

Why should I consider booking a Branding Session?

As a business owner, your face builds trust and people want to connect with people, not companies. Yes, you are selling a service or a product but you are also selling the experience of working with you. Your branding photo shows people who they are working with and can tell so much about you, your style, design, and what you have to offer. If you want to attract your ideal clients, this is a place to start. There are so many applications to use this photo- the most obvious being your website and social media. But seriously how many times have you participated in an event, given a talk, taught a workshop, or just been featured on a website where you have to dig through phones and old facebook pictures to find a decent photo of yourself that kind of works and kind of portrays you in a professional and styled manner? 


I’m sure there are a ton of folks offering similar services as you in your area, so what sets you apart from them? The answer is you. What you bring to the table is unique, you have your own specific and special skill set that only you can offer. Think of your branding photo as a way to show your individuality while also representing your business in the way that you want people to view it. 


Recently I had the opportunity to work with Jenelle, the lady behind Land & Luck, a floral, styling, and photography service based out of Sacramento, CA. Jenelle’s work is about visuals, florals, styling, and textures so it only makes sense that her brand portrait would incorporate and highlight all those things. When searching for a stylist doesn’t it help to not only see a face to the brand but to also see that she has great style? 


For her personal branding portrait session, we wanted to keep things pretty simple. Yes, we wanted to incorporate florals because that is one of Land and Lucks offerings but we also didn’t want to distract from Jenelle herself. Everything about this shoot is simplified and gorgeous.  We met in a natural light studio to get the most out of our shoot and collaborated to make these gorgeous portraits. 


You can follow along with Jenelle and her business at her website Land & Luck and follow her on Instagram!

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Land & Luck – Branding Session and Why you Should Book Yours today.

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