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Intimate Family Home Photography Session

Oakland Family Home Session.

Oh, home sessions! I’ve always loved family home sessions but I have to say that between pregnancy and Covid I’m seeing a whole new level to them.

Homes are a part of the family.   They’re a safe place for sheltering not only us, but our most meaningful objects and are reflections of ourselves!  We’ve all been spending more time than ever at home, and maybe this is the pregnancy brain talking, but they are like our cocoons- they protect us and nurture our development for who we are when we go out into the world.  This especially applies to new parents and newborns, who basically have to go into seclusion for weeks before emerging as new, albeit sleep-deprived, beings.

When it comes to documenting this new time in your life, this new experience, I encourage new families to choose their own homes as a setting for family sessions.  Don’t get me wrong, the park is great too, but the park will never be your living room, with it’s comfort and safety; it is undeniably you~ at least for now.

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Intimate Family Home Photography Session

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