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Flirty and Sexy Boudoir Shoot

Okay, let’s face it… there is a lot of bad boudoirs out in the world. Enough to make you want to write them off completely. But that does not have to be the case!

Why do boudoir? The answer is different for everyone. Maybe you want to document this time in your life and celebrate your body as is. No partner just for you. Maybe you have a partner that you want to give a damn good gift that they will definitely cherish forever. Possibly your body is going through an incredible transformation, like pregnancy and you want to document that experience. Chances are it’s a combination of a few things.

So why all the props? Why the cheese? Why can’t it just be some simple gorgeous images celebrating your body. Sure use a chair or lay on your bed, wear some sexy lingerie incorporate florals but honestly, I really believe that’s all you need (if that). Just good lighting, good angles, and self-confidence.


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Flirty and Sexy Boudoir Shoot

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